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OMG damn malu damn malu!!!!

I just killed a mosquito in the office.

and everyone looked at me.




Doink Me

Oh how can I be so doink.

I damn stupid lo...fax machine also dunno how to use.

Summore I semangat faxed to like 3 people.

First attempt I fax, I realise that the last page goes into the fax machine first.

So I faxed for the second time, in the correct orientation.

Then faxed to the other 2 people.

The third person I faxed to is a lawyer and I forgot to put 'attention to ...' in my fax

So nevermind, fax again.

Then I thought berjaya d.

Mana tau got phone call, say I faxed over white papers.

ALAMAK, all these while since morning, I have been faxing white papers to people!!! Damn malu siu~~~

*Digs hole and bury head ala ostrich style*